Waist training is the hottest fitness trend of the last decade. But if, as an idea, it’s new to you, you may be wondering what does it do?

There are a lot of internet tips on what it does and what it doesn’t, if it is safe or effective. With so much misinformation out there, it is pretty reasonable to be confused. That’s why we studied it, we asked experts on the subject, and we got all the documented answers you need to decide if you would choose it to improve your silhouette.

Some of the benefits of waist training are known, while others not so, so we give you a full picture.

The 5 things it really does are:

1. Provides immediate image enhancement
One of the reasons waist trainers are so popular is because they create a thinner waist and flat belly as soon as you put it on. The silhouette gets instantly 1-2 sizes thinner and feminine. It’s an easy solution and you can take it daily under most of your outfits.
In addition, it flattens and tucks in the bulges, folds and love handles to give a more subtle and smooth image. If you choose a waist trainer with braces and a high back you can cover the back fat and the bra bulges.

2. Supports the back
At a time when most of us are leaning into an office it is difficult to maintain proper body posture. This works to our detriment as it causes back pain, poor oxygenation, poor blood circulation and decreased ability to concentrate.
Wearing a waist trainer forces you to sit and stand straighter. Better posture improves breathing, circulation and prevents back and waist pain. People with a correct body posture tend to feel more active and more self-confident.

3. Enhances your workouts
Waist trainers are designed with the maximum of compression to stimulate heat in your body and cause sweating, whatever your workout routine is. Even if all you are doing is a quick walk, you will know that you are doing a high intensity exercise.
You can wear the waist trainer in almost all types of exercise, whether it’s aerobic or weight lifting.
* Many customers report that they were having difficulty losing fat from the belly even though they exercised intensely. But using the waist trainer they managed to lose fat around the core and made a significant difference in their silhouette.

4. It complements your effort to reduce weight
The use of a waist trainer can perfectly complement an overall effort to reduce weight, accompanied by good nutrition and exercise. You can benefit from using it, whether you are trying to recover from pregnancy or just be ready to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
As we mention above, the trainer enhances your workouts and gives you faster the desired result. In addition, with constant compression around the trunk, it is less likely to make large, heavy meals as it puts a limit and forces you to make 5-6 smaller meals, thus giving a boost to the metabolism.
With good nutrition, exercise and wearing the waist trainer up to 8-10 hours a day, you will soon have a significant and permanent fat reduction around your core (stomach, abdomen, side traps).
* Many customers report that they have a noticeable difference in their silhouette after 2 weeks of use.

5. It gives you motivation and confidence
Every time you manage to snuggle in the middle row, you feel the satisfaction that you are on the right track, and the effort you make is effective! This satisfaction is the absolute motivation to continue your effort.
It is good to follow a realistic plan and a healthy lifestyle so you can follow it for a long time. Start from where you are, and set a goal at a time.
We hope you’ve covered all your questions about what exactly waist training does!
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