The birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman’s life! But it can also be one of the most difficult, not only during pregnancy but also after childbirth.

Whether you are only a few weeks after giving birth or have spent several months, some of your daily challenges may include exhaustion, weakness in the core, breastfeeding around the clock, and anxiety about your post baby body. And while having a baby walk around gives you the ultimate mental satisfaction, you actually feel that your body does not keep up with your joy.

Some of our happiest clients are new mothers, because of the many benefits of waist training, especially after childbirth. It’s not just about weight loss and the recovery of silhouette. It has to do with feeling strong, confident and healthy! In other words, you want to be the best mom you can.

Do You Know All The Benefits Of Waist Training After Delivery? You may just be surprised.


A common complaint among young moms is back pain. And it’s no wonder. After delivery, your torso is distressed to the maximum. Instead of getting support from the muscles of the core, the torso rests and an unpleasant pressure is exerted on several points of the back or hips. And while some women can come back quickly, others have difficulty regaining strength in their core, especially after multiple pregnancies.

Some women feel back pain when breastfeeding. Either because of the extra weight they carry on their breast or because of the nursing posture. If this is the case for you, then the vest waist trainer may be ideal as it combines full back support with breast support.

A waist trainer will improve your body posture every time you wear it. It will push the pressure that is applied to the wrong points off the spine and will prevent you from hunchback because of the weak trunk. It’s also especially useful when you have to return to work, especially if it is office work, as it will help keep your back straight. You will feel more active and let us not forget the confidence you will feel about your silhouette after childbirth.

Of course, you cannot rely entirely on your waist trainer to improve your physical condition. The most effective way to eliminate back pain is to recover your muscular strength especially to the core, shoulders and back. This will be accomplished by exercises with weights or resistances, specific to these weak muscle groups. Before you start trying to strengthen your body, you need to make sure that you have fully recovered from childbirth and have your doctor’s agreement.


With a newborn or even a bigger child, prioritizing your fitness and shape is a great challenge! The daily use of a waist trainer can help by giving you an immediate picture of what you can achieve.

Initially, you will see a direct change on your image as you wear the trainer. Your belly and stomach will be flat (maybe for the first time after a long time!), and your waist will be more obvious, with no fangs or bulges to pop up.

Wearing a Zeta Curves waist trainer and an outfit that makes you feel beautiful, you will feel like you’re doing things for yourself. And this is so important for a mom, because a happy mom contributes more to a happy family!


Many women start waist training without necessarily following an exercise or good diet program. But seeing the results and the wonderful feeling of change, they are encouraged and integrated with exercise and pure nutrition in their everyday lives. When you see the potentials of waist training, then you get the motivation to achieve your goals!

You will also find that wearing the trainer at least 8 hours a day helps keep you in control of the amount of food you consume. As it restricts the coe, you will find that your stomach will not be able to expand comfortably when you eat a large amount of meal. In this way, it actually makes you have frequent and small meals instead of a few big ones. This approach is also recommended by many doctors and nutritionists, as frequent, small meals help keep the level of energy stable and avoid overeating.


Using the waist trainer regularly, and if you combine it with a special tightening cream (this is a little secret), you will see great benefit especially if you suffer from loose skin like many new or old mothers. Although it cannot replace the dramatic effects of a plastic surgery, the combination of increased thermal activity and micro-circulation in the area can surprise you with the result!


While having a baby your life will never be the same again, it is possible to feel sexy and confident in your own body. How fast you will regain your silhouette depends on many factors, including the genes, the weight you took and the skin’s elasticity. Just give it a little time. With determination, a healthy lifestyle, realistic goals and a waist trainer, you can restore your silhouette and be proud of it in just a few months. The others will notice it and they will wonder how you did it! Most important though, when you care for yourself is that you feel great with yourself and so you become stronger, full of mood to be the best mom you can!

In an effort to regain your silhouette and self-confidence after pregnancy, you know that you are not alone. If you want help choosing the right waist corset, do not hesitate to contact us, either by e-mail or by phone! We will be glad to help!

Happy waist training, mommies!