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The website is an e-commerce store operated by “ZETA CURVES Single Member P.C”, based in Greece, address No 5 Siggrou Street, Thessaloniki/ 54625 with the number VAT: 801461001, 2311 11 66 16, now on “the company”) . The scope of the following terms and conditions governs the use and operation of the e-shop belonging to the above “Company” and is located at The user who enters and uses the services of the website (from now on “the user”) is kindly requested to read the terms carefully before using the e-shop services and in case of disagreement to abstain from them. Otherwise, the navigation and use of the services of the website is considered as a tacit and unconditional acceptance of the following terms, without any exception.
These terms of use, use of and transactions through it are governed by Greek law. In case any of these terms will be considered canceled or void, this cancellation or voidability will not affect the validity of the other terms. The “Company” may unilaterally modify these terms and conditions whenever it deems it necessary without limitation and users will be deemed to have been notified and bound by the changes once they appear on the Company’s Website. The “Company” reserves the right to modify or delete material on the Site at any time in its sole discretion. The language to be used to draw contracts through the online store will be Greek.

Provided Information & Products

The “Company” is committed to the accuracy, completeness and completeness of the information provided in the online store as regards the identity of the “company” as well as the transactions provided through the online store. In good faith, the “Company” is not responsible for and is not bound by electronic data entries made by error / omission in common experience and is entitled to correct them whenever they become aware of their existence.

Product descriptions

The “Company” is trying to be as accurate as possible regarding the characteristics of the products appearing on The “Company” is not responsible if the special features or other content related to products sold through are inaccurate, incomplete, not timely, or generally mistaken but guarantees the fastest possible update through its website regarding their characteristics. The “user” is obliged before using the product that he has ordered to be informed about the properties and ways of using it, as well as the special warnings regarding any medical symptoms from the use of the product. Also all the prices quoted include the legal VAT, unless otherwise stated.

Ordering Products

Any order made through the e-shop constitutes the conclusion of a distance selling agreement as regulated by the legislative framework of Law 2251/1994 and the amendments referred to in Presidential Decree 131/2003 (Government Gazette A 116 / 16.05.2003), as well as and the Consumer Code of Conduct on E-Commerce, for which content the user can get acquainted with here. For the rest, the general provisions of the Civil Code apply, in particular regarding the company’s liability for actual defects and the lack of agreed properties, according to article 534 et seq. A requirement for obtaining a valid order through the online store is the user’s legal capacity in accordance with the provisions of the Greek Civil Code.
To place an order, the user chooses either to sign up on the website, providing the necessary information, or place an order as a visitor. Then he has to choose the products and proceed to the completion of the order. The order is considered complete when the “user” receives an incoming message to the email address he has stated, confirming the order and all the details. The “user” may either cancel or correct his order while pending, by sending an e-mail to the email address
Phone orders and those that take place via emails or in any other way from social media or other sources are subject to these terms of use, which “users” are obliged to know even if they place their orders on other sources other than
The “user” has access to the details of his order as well as to the details of his previous orders after entering the online store.

Pricing of Products

All prices listed on are retail prices including the legal VAT. The “Company” retains the right to offer a lower price to bulk orders for which the interested parties will be personally informed either through their pages or by e-mail. In any case, the final cost of each order will result from the burden on the total value of the products with the shipping costs or other (eg packaging costs, security costs, etc. if they exist) for which the “user” will be updated immediately and in detail before each order is completed. Upon completion of the placement process of each order, the “user” automatically declares that he accepts unconditionally his charging with the final total amount that has been incurred. Integrated is considered an order only if it is confirmed through the website and / or sending an e-mail. The price charged to the “user” is the current one at the time of the order. The “Company” reserves the right to modify the prices of her products, however, any such modification will not affect the already completed orders that have been accepted by the “Company”. In any case, the company “Company” reserves the right not to execute one or more orders in which case it will refund the amount that has been received / dispatched.
Payment methods
The “Company” provides her users with the payment methods detailed in the related article on this page.
Intellectual property rights
All content of the online store, including the distinctive titles, signs, images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, etc. constitute the intellectual property of the “Company” and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or intellectual property of third parties for which the “Company” is licensed for its own exclusive needs and for operation of the online store. Any copying, transfer or creation of copied work based on this content or misleading the public about the real e-shop provider is prohibited. Reproduction, re-publishing, loading, announcement, distribution or transmission or any other use of the content in any way or for any commercial or other purposes is permitted only with the prior written consent of the “Company” or any other copyright holder. The names, images, logos and distinctive features listed and described by the online store under the trademark or the products or services of the “company” or third parties are assets of the “company” or third parties respectively, protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the online store does not in any way give them permission or right to use them by third parties.

Websites & Third Party Links

This Site may contain links or references to other sites owned by third parties whose control is not owned by the “Company”. Similarly, access to the Site can also be achieved through links found on third-party websites that are beyond the control of the “Company”. The “Company” does not guarantee or give any promise of the accuracy, up-to-date, or completeness of the information contained on these web pages and assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss that may be caused by the content or information contained therein. Any reference to a third party web site through a link on the “Company” Site does not in any way mean that the “Company” approves or recommends unconditionally the content or third party websites. Also, the “Company” is not responsible for Internet broadcasts or for any form of transmission received from any linked website. The “company” provides these links to its online store only to facilitate the use of the online store, their use is not obligatory for the “user” and the fact that they are being read in the online store does not imply that the company “approves” or accepts their content.

Exclusion of Liability

The information contained in was collected and consulted with the utmost concern. However, we are not responsible for their up-to-date, accuracy, completeness and / or quality. The “Company” does not give any express or implied warranty, nor does it promise the suitability of the items of its marketing for a particular purpose. Additionally, the “Company” is not responsible in the event of unavailability of some of the products posted on the Site, but guarantees the fastest possible updating through its website of their unavailability. The use of and the receipt of information are at the exclusive responsibility of the “user”. The “Company” is not in any way liable for any damage, whether positive or negative, of the execution or non-performance of the order and the non-operation of the e-shop’s website or its inability to use it, or for damage caused by, negligence on the part of any employee or agent, or any error or omission in its contents. Exclusion of liability also involves causing any damage from any virus transmission to the user’s electronic equipment.
The “User” agrees to compensate the “Company”, its employees, its executives, agents, suppliers, and third party partners from any loss, expense, loss and cost, including reasonable remuneration Legal Advisers, arising out of any violation of these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Site by the “User”.