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Zeta Aero Waist Trainer


The new sport waist trainer that breathes!


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Now you can enjoy the benefits of high compression and comfort in a breathable garment! We designed the Zeta Aero based on the optimal comfort of the user and the results he demands from a high quality waist trainer.

Zeta Aero has a perforated outer shell made of latex and cotton lining. This allows the skin to breathe, even when it increases sweating on your torso, which helps you achieve results that you will love more comfortably.

It is shorter in height than the classic corset (26 cm), which makes it ideal if you have a short torso or you want to focus on shaping the waist. In addition, it is ideal for gym use as the holes make it sweat resistant and lighter. Using Zeta Aero during exercise provides support to the lower back without limiting movement.

Finally, its slim profile makes it ideal for everyday use under clothes.

It has 3 rows of clips to adjust the level of compression or narrow it as the waist gets thinner.


  • Perforated breathable fabric
  • High compression Latex
  • 3 levels of metal clips for adjustable compression
  • 9 steel elastic bones
  • Moisture-proof cotton lining
  • Discreet under most clothes
  • Shorter in height, 26cm.



  • Immediate and noticeable slimming of waist line
  • Sculpts waist and love handles, flattens belly
  • Increase in thermal activity & mobilization of fat cells
  • Reduction 4-10cm in 30 days
  • Improves posture
  • It works as a weight loss aid


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