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Titanium Microneedle Body Roller 1200 1.5mm White


Mesotherapy tool with Titanium needles for stretch marks, lose skin and cellulite!

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The Zeta Body Microneedle Body Roller is a tool for home use with 1200 high quality titanium needles (1.5mm), which stimulates the production of natural collagen and helps reduce sagging skin, stretch marks, cellulite and scars (e.g. Cesarean).

How it works:

Derma rolling is a simple and minimally invasive procedure that you can easily apply yourself at home. It creates controlled minor injuries to the skin, which your skin will then heal by producing collagen. More collagen means smoother, younger looking skin. It may include needles that penetrate the skin, but the needles are thin and short, and are the ideal size for a comfortable, painless but effective home treatment. Derma rolling allows the serums and creams you use to take full advantage of their properties as it increases the absorption of nutrients by 200%.


* Helps reduce stretch marks caused by puberty, pregnancy or sudden weight gain.

* Helps restore sagging skin caused by aging or heavy weight loss.

* Helps reduce cellulite.

* Enhances the production of natural collagen, elastin & new skin cells.

* Increases the effectiveness and absorption of care products by 200% allowing them to make the most of their nutrients.

* Smoothes the skin, restores its elasticity and reduces scars.

* Easy healing. It does not peel the skin.

* Suitable for all skin types.


* It has 1200 titanium pins 1.50mm (The strength and durability of titanium allows many months of use)

* Includes a case for safe storage

* Includes detailed user manual

* Sterile for your own safety

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg



Clean and dry the skin.


Apply serum to the areas you intend to work.


Rotate the Micro-needling Body Roller in targeted areas of the body in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions, without pressure.


Spend a few extra seconds in targeted areas where you have a greater problem with sagging, stretch marks or cellulite.


Follow immediately with your favorite body serum or moisturizer.

* For evening use. * The product contains a detailed user manual.


  • We recommend that you use the Micro-Needling Body Roller 1-2 times a week.
  • Must be replaced every 3 months of regular use.


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