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Post Surgery Booty Board


A post-op aid for perfect glutes

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This booty board came to offer fast and comfortable results. After surgeries such as BBL or liposuction , this useful accessory offers a very pleasant relief. Helps the body to minimize swelling and prevents fluid retention. It is made of smooth, fast-drying fabric and provides a pleasant support all day. It is placed on the back , at the top of your glutes, under the compression garment. It is the perfect helper for fast healing of muscles and tissues.

  • For use after Brazilian butt lift, back liposuction.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and shapes the upper part of the glutes.
  • Applies enough pressure to prevent bruising after surgery.
  • Helps prevent inflammation and scarring of the skin.
  • Helps the skin to stick to the muscles to prevent instability.
  • Accelerates the recovery and success of surgical and cosmetic procedures.


Always ask your doctor about the time and use of postoperative aids.

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