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Hello Booty Gliding Core Discs


Use these workout discs to lengthen and strengthen all the major muscle groups in your body through engaging their full range of motion!

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The Hello Booty gliding disc set is a simple but extremely convenient accessory that will take your workout to the next level and help you build the body of your dreams! The possibilities and the variety of exercises of the discs are innumerable! You can exercise your whole body, while at the same time improving your balance and working many muscular systems at the same time. These discs will never get you bored as they will fit into your routine whatever kind of exercise you do. They are light and you can take them everywhere with you, whether you go to the gym or stay home and do great home workouts.


They are placed on all interior surfaces and allow smooth rolling on any surface you exercise, as long as you turn it to the right side. The plastic side is suitable for carpets and fabric surfaces. The side with the logo is for tiles, marble and parquet.

Place your hands or feet on the discs, take a position and start rolling on the ground.

Continuous contact with the ground allows safe exercise, as there is no risk of falling or injury. Smooth rolling does not strain the joints.

They are extremely effective in strengthening the muscles of the buttocks, legs, torso, abdomen, arms and at the same time are ideal for improving your physical condition.


  • Special double-sided design that allows you to exercise on different surfaces (carpet or parquet, without worrying about damage to the parquet)
  • Ability to perform exercises that will lead to results very quickly
  • Strengthen the whole body (including buttocks and abdomen)
  • Each set contains 1 pair of discs and a mesh pouch for storage
  • Allows you to improve your balance, stability and strength



The are many exercises you can do with the discs, here are some examples to follow 3 times a week for a toned body.

Side Lunge – Targets: Glutes & inner thighs
Mountain Climber – Targets: Abs & shoulders
One-Arm Slide – Targets: Abdominals & shoulders
Upside-Down Snow Angel – Targets: Abs & inner thighs
Reverse Lunge – Targets: Gluteals & quadriceps
Curtsy Lunge – Targets: Quads, glutes & calves


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