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Hello Booty Fitness Bands


Build your best booty!

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Our “Hello Booty” set of 4 resistance bands is designed for women who want to sculpt, lift and build their best booty. They are made of 100% high quality natural latex, making them light-weight, durable, extremely versatile, and colourful to add some style to your workout.

“Hello Booty” is great for adding difficulty to your glute exercises. They are also a great addition for warm-ups, stretching, to define and tone, improve strength and flexibility. Our bands work great for all muscle groups, but are especially designed for booty gains!

They can be used on their own for strength training at home, or to enhance weighted exercises at the gym. A strong and well-functioning peach will not only give you confidence but will help to maximise your performance and reduce the risk of pain and injury.

Can incorporate into workouts such as

  • Squats, glute bridges (Place the band above the knees)
  • Glute kickbacks, Crab walks (Place just above the knee or ankle)
  • Hip thrust (Place the band above knee)


Your set includes:

  • 4 resistance bands (30 x 5cm) with increasing levels:

Light (4,5 – 5,5 kg)

Medium (6,5 – 9 kg)

Heavy (9 – 12 kg)

X-Heavy (13 – 16 kg)

  • A sleek and compact pink carrying bag

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