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Gloria Powernet Compression Body shaper


The ultimate body shaper that contours your whole body


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The compression garment is an important part of postoperative care. Using it can significantly affect your surgical outcome, speeding up recovery and helping to shape your new contour. It speeds up the healing process and reduces swelling, which means you can return to your daily routine sooner.

It helps to stabilize and form your new shape, just as your surgeon has envisioned.

Gloria is a high-compression garment made of Powernet fabric, for patients undergoing multiple body contouring surgeries or reconstructive surgeries. It is also recommended as part of post-pregnancy compression therapy to help shrink the postpartum belly.

It is also suitable for everyday use as it will perfectly show off your favorite outfit without showing under clothes.


  • Abdominoplasty
  • Fat Transfer (BBL)
  • Liposuction (abdomen, back, buttocks)


It is a 2nd stage compression garment (stage 2), ie it is worn the 4th week after surgery. (4rth-8th week, 24/7)* Many patients wear a 2nd stage compression garment immediately after surgery.



  • High targeted compression
  • Fastening with 2 rows of clips for easy fitting
  • Zipper opening in the crotch for easy use of the bathroom
  • Adjustable thin straps
  • Mid thigh cover with lace finish
  • Design for buttocks lifting
  • Open bust
  • Reinforcement in the abdomen area with double-lined fabric for optimal compression
  • Absorbent fabric with antibacterial properties


Fabric: 85% Polyamide – 15% Elastane

MADE IN COLOMBIA – You can be assured that you’re buying the best quality from the world’s leading manufacturers.

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Beige, Black


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