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Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Pillow


An essential part of the BBL recovery

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You have decided to do a Brazilian Butt Lift and you are concerned about how you will sit after the surgery, since you will not be allowed to sit on your buttocks for the next 2-4 weeks. With the special pillow for recovery from BBL you can sit comfortably without worrying that you risk the final result of the operation.

This pillow is an essential part of the recovery after fat transfer to the buttocks. It allows you to sit on your thighs while leaving your buttocks free, without putting pressure on them. It is stable but soft enough and gives the necessary lift so that the buttocks do not touch the seat. Its use minimizes the re-absorption or movement of fat and facilitates blood circulation.



  • It has memory foam at the top, it is supported by hard foam and non-slip bottom. It does not sink.
  • Ergonomic curved design to support all thigh sizes.
  • Helps in recovery from BBL.
  • Fits almost any chair, airplane seat, car seat and office chair.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry. Available with removable velvet cover that is safe for washing machine.
  • Lightweight & compact – ideal for travel.
  • Available with free black discreet carrying case
  • Ideal combination of softness and stability to avoid sinking the buttocks


After a Brazilian Butt Lift, your doctor wants to ensure blood supply is generated to the procedure area. That’s why they want you to avoid sitting for an extended period of time. Because some sitting is inevitable, most doctors will advise using a specially-designed recovery pillow that moves pressure from the buttocks to the thighs. This allows BBL patients to travel normally in a car, or sit down at a table or desk as needed.

Always follow your doctor’s post-op advice to ensure the best possible outcome after your procedure!

Sit comfortably, with the safety and confidence that you do not affect the final result of the operation!

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